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From: Josies-angel
Date: Sunday, October 09, 2016 10:17 AM
To: Jack
Subject: Re: death
Hi Jack and welcome.Sometimes it takes a while for spirit to connect but mostly we overlook the signs as its our imagination or we miss the signs all together because sometimes the signs are so subtle. Why not ask your friend's husband to send you a sign,ask for a specific sign it may take a while but eventually the sign comes through. If you do get a sign please share it with your friend for a sign for one is a sign for others and right now any communication that comes through is a blessing for her.

there are many ways spirit can connect with us,seeing a certain number frequently,seeing the name on a sign or license plate,a light touch,anything that brings that spirit to mind is a sign I feel and above all try not to second guess yourself because that only confuses us,usually go with your first instincts because usually that is right on.

Please feel free to join with us anytime,just to be or to share whatever feels most comfortable for you. Take good care and I hope that your friend's husband will come through with a sign that will leave no doubt that he lives on in a beautiful and loving place. Blessings,Josie

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