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From: Nati
Date: Monday, October 03, 2016 11:03 PM
Subject: Mom on the Google
My mom passed away in January 2016 because of ALS. She lived in a different country, and I used to go there twice a year to spend time with her, to help with nurses and elevate her mood. When she was still alive, and I was missing her, I would google a street and the house she was in from time to time. It is a cool feature where you actually see how any street or a house looks like. It is not in a real time, but nice anyways. After 6 months she passed away, I googled her street again. To my absolute astonishment, I found pictures of her, walking in this street, with grocery bags in her hands. The Google pictures were made in 2012. I’ve saved them in my laptop. I’d never seen them previously when she was alive. It was like a message to me from another world from her. That she is still around.

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