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From: Jillyjam
Date: Monday, September 05, 2016 9:26 PM
Subject: Cookies in Heaven
My father died in 2002, at age 84, after having suffered several strokes. As a result, he had aphasia; he could understand us, but not was not able to speak and carry on a conversation. At the end he was also too weak to walk. I had a dream approx. a year or so after his death. He was walking down the steps of a plane. He was healthy and happy, and enjoying traveling, which was something he always wanted to do.

A few years ago I had a second dream involving my dad. He was seated at a picnic table, and my mother, who was still alive, was seated to his left. I was across from him. In my dream I was aware he was dead and my mother was still alive. My parents were talking and happy. He suddenly told us he had to go, but before he left, I said, "Wait! What is it like there?", meaning in Heaven. He laughed and said, "It's just like there, only we have more cookies." When I woke up I was amazed that I had thought to ask him that question before he left. I was also elated that he was well again and happy, and that there was a Heaven, and it was a seemingly good place. My mother's response when I told her was that, "he did always love his cookies".

I have also felt my father's presence in my house on occasion in the past; a house that he had never been to.

My mother died this past March. I haven't had any dream contact with her, but I was at a conference awards ceremony in June when all of a sudden I felt as if something/someone had passed through me, and I immediately felt it had been my mother. There was no reason for me to have been thinking of her at that moment, and I have never felt a sensation like that before, or since, but I know it was her.

When my daughters were little in the late 90's, I was walking with them on the boardwalk at one of the ocean towns in my state. I passed a smiling little old lady who looked just like my step-grandmother who had passed away in the early '70's, thick glasses and all. I whipped around to point her out as I was telling my girls she looked just like my grandmother, and she was GONE. There's no way she could have moved that fast, and there was no place for her to have gone to. I had felt many times before that that she somehow always looked after me, but I haven't felt her presence in many years since.

Thank you for providing an outlet for those of us who believe to share our stories.

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