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From: Donnie's Carole
Date: Saturday, August 20, 2016 8:49 PM
Subject: several adcs
Over the last few days I have had several adcs. My Sister's and my Mother's little Dogs , Trixie and Daisy's graves are in my back yard. My Sister and mother have both passed as most of you know. I am very close to my Sister's girls and they have been missing their Mom so much. Anyway, as I was walking in the yard I noticed that a pretty pink daisy had bloomed right in between their graves. On closer inspection I saw that it was two pink daisies growing back to back. My daughter had made a little garden space around their graves. My daughter and I did not plant that flower, we had put out some plants on their grave site in pots as the weather has been so dry and nothing was growing. I emailed my nieces and told them about the daisies. Then I went to my niece's face book page and saw that she had posted a poem a couple of days before and the poem read" If I had a flower for every time I thought of my Mother, I would walk through the garden forever" I emailed her back immediately and told her I believe the daisy sign was for her. She told me she had been under a lot of stress lately and really needed a sign from her Mom. Betty knew I would tell her girls about the flower and it would comfort them. That same day I ask Donnie to surprise me with a special sign. As I walked in my garden A dragon fly came right up to my nose and touched it, then I went into the front yard and a hummimg bird came up to my face and if it had been any closer it would have scratched my nose with it's beak. The next morning I went out in the yard and a butterfly did the same thing, right on the nose. I started talking to Donnie and I ask him if it was possible to train my brain to see him right here with me? When I went to bed I turned on the music channel on the tv and the first song that came on was by a person named Carol and the song title was" Brain Train" I think Donnie was showing me that he is here with us and he does hear me talking to him. When I got up in the morning two songs came on back to back, The first one "Our Song" "The 12th of never" and "You got a friend" one of my favorite adc songs. It been an active week, and I am grateful.

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