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From: Teresa
Date: Saturday, August 06, 2016 11:09 PM
To: Donnie's Carole
Subject: Re: For Donnie's Carole
Hi, Donnie's Carole.

Thanks for asking about Amy, aka "World's Stubbornest Daughter"! :)

She's doing pretty good, but really needs to see her gastro dr. again. She keeps having stomach (?) pains similar to those with the bleeding ulcer in her upper small intestine. Her med doesn't help much, but she won't go see the dr. for a different med, or to find out what's going on.

Just hope she doesn't wait until there's a crisis again, as she might not be so lucky this time! (She nearly bled to death in the ICU before going into emergency surgery to stop the artery that was bleeding out!)

It's nice to "know everything" at 33, isn't it? :)

Take care.



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