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From: Maryann
Date: Friday, August 05, 2016 3:42 PM
To: Teresa
Subject: Re: Thanks for sharing that fantastic ADC with Gabriel :)
Oh Teresa....If you only KNEW HALF of the crazy gifts I've received from our animals.....

When Gabriel gave me that "vision", my husband was driving and I could "see" him running along my side of the car.....I told Larry, and he didn't question. He just told me that I needed to tell Gabriel to Cross Over. (I did and Gabriel left....but later gave me the dream.)

Larry has always been a skeptic, but we've had too many ADC's that even HE has shared in, so now he has begun to just accept and nod and smile....and now when HE finds a dime in an odd place (for example), he proudly shows me. It's like we've won the lottery! LOL.

Teresa, you are a beautiful soul....I wish we could meet in person some day.

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