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From: Andy
Date: Tuesday, July 26, 2016 12:07 PM
Subject: Re: Char our dog. <3
Sorry to hear about your beautiful Lab.

I know how sad it is to put down a wonderful pet. Just last week, my friend Don had to put down his beloved cat, Rusty.

I was there with Don at the time Rusty was put down. Even though Rusty was not mine, he would come out to my car and great me when I would come to visit. We had developed quite a bond over the years.

When the moment came, Rusty passed peacefully with plenty of love. We should all be so fortunate. All three of us, Don, me and the vet technician were all crying.

When Don and I were taking Rusty from the Vet office to the pet cemetery, I was hearing music. Pleasant but somber. No doubt Rusty being welcomed to Heaven.

Then after returning home, Don's TV turned itself on by itself. Maybe a sign from Rusty that he is OK? Don did not hear the music or see the TV go on by itself. He is a bit skeptical about ADC's, so perhaps Rusty sent the ADC's to me, since I am more receptive than Don?

I have heard it said that pets have no soul and do not make it to Heaven. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Heaven could not possibly be Heaven without our wonderful pets!
If wonderful Rusty has no soul, I am a monkey's uncle.

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