Char our dog. <3
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From: STM
Date: Monday, July 25, 2016 4:10 PM
Subject: Char our dog. <3
Last Saturday was a difficult time for my parents and I. Char our Labrador retriever had to be put down at the young age of 10. He had cancer in his spleen which was causing internal bleeding. The vet said surgery most likely would've been futile as the cancer would spread and at his age recovery would also be difficult. My parents and I with the amazing people at the clinic made the decision to give Char dignity and a peaceful transition. Peaceful doesn't even begin to deceive it - it was so swift, in a matter of seconds our dog simply laid his head down on my moms lap and slipped away.

It hit us all very hard. I asked char that night if he could send us a sign that he was okay and that he was still with us. I wanted to be specific and thought of an orange lady bug - I personally never come across them here so I felt like it would be a definite way for him to come through. I told my parents about this as well.

Today I was on lunch break and decided to call my mom to see how she was doing - seconds later an orange lady bug came flying around and flew off towards the trees. I broke down crying because it meant the world to us to experience this. My mom said her heart felt much lighter - and mine does too.

God is so good, so so good.

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