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From: Denise
Date: Sunday, July 24, 2016 12:24 PM
Subject: a birthday hello
My bday was other day,me and my bf were undecided where to go but sitting there i felt like we ahould go to this hawaaian restaurant and my boyfriend said he was just having the same thought! As we pulled into parking lot i saw a license plate holder of a car that said exact same thijg my dad had for years on his car before he passed, you NEVER see this becausw it is a literal hawaiian phrase not anyone in los angeles has on their car even in hawaii very few have it. It said "Maui no ka oi" just like my dads car had around his license plate, besides the car at the restaurant my dad was only car i.ever saw that had that, it means maui is number one, or the best, in hawaiian...i felt like it was a hello from my dad on my bday and when the servers delivered piece of cake they sang out aloha aloha and clapped thwir hands, i felt like he was there, thanka dad, love you always, meke aloha pune hani much aloha love to you

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