Re: clocked stopped
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From: Peg
Date: Saturday, July 23, 2016 10:58 PM
Subject: Re: clocked stopped
Had that happen a lot lately after a long lull with not so much as a dream. I looked at the clock tonight to see what time it was, caught up in a good book and lost track of time. It was 10:20 which happened to be our street number when I was growing up. A license plate in front of me in traffic not long ago had my dad's exact initials and year of birth, 1915. I even snapped a picture of that one. Gave me goose bumps which is a clear indication that it's an ADC. My dad's name pops up so often in my Scrabble game and when it does, I say hello Daddy, I know that's you. Now, tell me the lottery numbers for tonight! lol

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