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From: Mona
Date: Monday, July 04, 2016 10:05 AM
To: denise
Subject: Re: ADC doubts
Dear Denise:
There are so many of this that have had adc's but I do understand how you feel your family and friends would not get it. The first experience I had was in 1978 and it occurred with my husband. We had recently married and we're living in West Hollywood. We were eating dinner at our little table when a cold wind blew from the interior side of the room moved the chandelier and exited the closed sliding glass doors on the other side. There was no doubt what had happened. Sal Mineo had been murdered a couple years earlier up the street. To this day we think it was him.
Since then I have had other adc's including the one that brought me to this site from my dear love.

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