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From: Kate
Date: Wednesday, June 01, 2016 1:34 PM
To: muskmar
Subject: Re: do we ever let go of the guilt?
I once had to do the same with my beautiful white Persian cat. She was so lethargic and wouldn't eat. The vet said her temperature was dropping (underdeveloped kidneys) and she was on the way out. I allowed him to euthanize, but when he administered the shot, she suddenly got a burst of energy and fought it. I will forever feel guilty about doing that. When my other cat was dying from old age, I made her comfortable with my favorite blanket and let her pass naturally. I gave her a lot of love and felt better about her passing. I guess it is just a personal decision. I have to say I did receive an adc after the older cat passed. I guess because we had her the longest. One night in bed for some reason my eye kept being drawn to one side of the bed. I would look and see nothing but the comforter bunched up. I couldn't stop looking there for some reason. And just when I looked away, there she was. Laying there in all her glory. I could even see her whiskers. But, when I looked back, she was gone. She used to sleep with me and if I had a nightmare she would pat my arm to comfort me! Hope you see your cat again too.

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