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From: kate
Date: Sunday, May 15, 2016 6:32 PM
To: jery
Subject: Re: presence
A couple of weeks ago, I came upstairs to my bedroom and the scent of my husband was so strong but only on his side of the bed. The area it encompassed was approx. 10 foot x 10 foot. It was as if he was there. He has been gone over two years and since then I have changed everything in our room. Paint, flooring, bedclothes, so there isn't anything that should have his scent on it. This happened two evenings in a row and on the third day it was very faint then gone. Another time I was coming up the stairs and my mind was on some happy news. I may have even been smiling. I was so caught up in my thought, I smelled his shower soap and before my mind could process, I thought,"oh good he is out of the shower." And I was excited to go share my news with him. It made me happy anyway to smell his shower soap again even though he is not physically here. It is truly a gift and I often wonder if the shoe were on the other foot what would I do to get someone's attention? I would move heaven and earth to comfort my loved one.

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