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From: Maryann
Date: Saturday, May 14, 2016 7:02 PM
Subject: Dream Visit - TOTAL SURPRISE
NEVER think that time makes a difference with ADC's.

My husband's cousin and best friend, Gary, passed over 20 years ago. He was an EMT doctor and just ACED his exams for becoming a veterinarian in Colorado. He had purchased a ticket to fly out to visit us in Oregon, but days before he was found strangled, hanging in his apartment. The police claimed suicide. My husband and I questioned it.

A few nights ago -- out of the blue -- I had a dream visit from Gary. Have no idea why he didn't pop in on my husband......But we visited and it was like old times, although we both knew he was in Spirit. He said he was keeping very busy with his two jobs and that he had to go because it looked like he was going to be even busier really soon......

The next day I saw the news about the Wild Fires in Canada had gotten even worse.... Made me wonder...No human lives, but maybe he was there for the animals...

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