Re: No doubt left
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From: CATH
Date: Monday, May 09, 2016 7:05 AM
To: Rick
Subject: Re: No doubt left
Hi Rick How are you?
That s great you get your Grans and Dad s signs when you are together. It makes it feel really really really real. Love to see begonia you can send to email if you like or twitter @unwincatherine . That is so amazing. The electrical signs are fascinating. I can't imagine the incredible energy it take. Our car alarm went off yesterday.It was in the garage with the door own.. now that was strange. Can you ask for something to happen at all. I realy went to make something happen. Do you find your Grandmother and Dad s names come up alot? Did you Mum receive a sign do you know? She sure would have needed it especially yesterday. It's really lovely that you are so close to your Mum. You and your brother must be an unbelieveable comfort to her. Thanks for the Mother s day wishes. My two Dears rang , so that was really lovely, They are 5 hours away. Looking forward to hearing from what happens there.

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