Re: dragon fly in the garden
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From: ShiningLight1967
Date: Friday, May 06, 2016 1:16 AM
Subject: Re: dragon fly in the garden
Hi Cath!

I love to "listen" to you talk about your experiences. They give me the understanding that I need to stop looking for the "grand events" of communication. I have always wanted "the big signs" Like the ones I have read about....the appearances, the audible voices. I keep wanting something grand, but I am starting to realize it's the smaller ones that I might be missing because I keep looking for the grand ones.

Today, I looked at my watch and my husband's number showed up. It was exactly 4:44. I smiled, then grabbed my phone to take a picture. (It's what I do now when I see his number) As I looked at my watch again, it was 4:44 and 44 seconds. My friend who was sitting with me asked me what the significance was. I told her 4 was his number, so, when I see 4 in 3s, I know it's him.

Thaks for sharing!

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