dragon fly in the garden
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From: CATH
Date: Tuesday, May 03, 2016 9:46 AM
Subject: dragon fly in the garden
Hi Everyone! In the garden today...I arrived and the giant Purple body Dragon Fly arrived, he sat on the ground with in about 3 feet of me. It stayed there..so I talked to him. He sat there and listened to me for 3 minutes..until I walked away, then he flew away. Usually our dragon flys are quite small and just dart about and do land with in coo-ee of me. It was quite nice. How's everyone going wit their messages and signs?
Our land line phone keypads glows blu in frequesntly.I t happened with Pete was alive. Just a few times. No one touched the phone. Since Pete has passed, it has been going on alot. I asked the Technician who said it was nothing to do with his wiring . I have written down all the times I see it come on. There is no pattern. It comes on may 8-10 times a day that I see. There was a gap of a week from 26 April, the day after ANZAC day. I never saw it come on. When it comes on it stays on for 30 seconds. There was a gap from 26 April til yesterday. A week. I have seen it three times yesterday and today. It feels quite comforting when I see it. I can see it while I'm sitting in my lounge chair. I'm trying the pendulum. if anyone want s to chat about that sort of thing I'm at unwin41@bigpond.com

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