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From: Teresa
Date: Tuesday, May 03, 2016 12:04 AM
To: Rick
Subject: Re: No doubt left
Dear (((Rick)))

So very sorry for the loss of your grandmother and your father. They are together now, at peace, and no doubt very happy. :)

I am so glad for you that you've gotten such wonderful ADC's from them both -- lovely reassurances that they are alive and well. Your dad sounds like he was a terrific person. You can be assured that he is still, and always will be, with you and your family.

I'm sure he moved the mail just so that you would find the misplaced insurance policies. Amazing the ADC's our loved ones can do to help us when we need it the most! :)

Love the ADC's -- Sweetie's feather, the Herb Alpert song in the funeral home, and Jim's name on the begonia bloom! What unique and special, not to be missed, ADC's. I'm sure you'll be hearing from him again soon!!

Be sure to share those and other ADC's you receive with your mom and family and friends. Everyone needs encouragement that our loved ones live on, and what better proof than After Death Communications from the Other Side?

God bless. Again, so sorry for your losses.



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