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From: Nancy
Date: Monday, May 02, 2016 3:54 PM
Subject: ADC from First Husband that abused me
Hello, I'm hoping there is someone who has experienced such a thing. I have had several ADC's from my dear husband who passed away March 2015. I have had several messages from him and I feel so fortunate to do so. But I am afraid that I have opened a door to not-so-friendly spirits.

My first husband beat me almost till death. I divorced him in my early 30's. He died in an alcohol related crash in 2000.

Last night I SAW HIM....he did not look like he did when I was 30...very much older, totally white hair, and he looked very evil. He was approaching me by my bed. I woke up with a start..and stayed up for awhile, and prayed and I also asked my recently passed on husband, the love of my life, to protect me and be with me for the rest of the night. Has anyone had a visit from someone that had done them harm? How do you handle it? Thank you so much. Nancy

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