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From: ShiningLight1967
Date: Tuesday, April 26, 2016 5:08 PM
To: Maryann
Subject: my thoughts
I love coming here to discuss my questions with you. You all give me such encouragement and hope and I thank you.

I have heard before that a passed loved one will not do anything that might bring a little fright to the one they are communicating with. I would love to feel the tugging again. It was so spectacular and even though it caught me off guard and freaked me out, it was how I knew undeniably that he was there.

There have been several times when I am at home where I believe if I just look up to the top of the stairs or somewhere around the house, if I do it quick enough, I will actually catch him standing there. Ultimately I have been "disappointed" at not seeing him. I often wonder if he IS actually standing there, and I cant really "see" through the veil. The other night I woke up and felt like he was leaving the room. Like he had been there watching me sleep for a while and as I started to wake up he left the room. Last night, I was laying in "my spot" in our family room, wanting to light a fire for the last time this season and fell asleep. I felt like he was doing what he always did when he was in person, and reached over me to turn up the gas for the fire, and yet when I woke up, he wasnt there. I was starting to think that maybe the feelings I get is that he is there, but wont show himself because somewhere he has seen that it might frighten me a little. These are the things I now ponder as I adjust to this new life without him.

I found the recordings after clicking through this website in the links tab and found a site called "greater reality" I was listening to the voices and it was haunting but incredible.

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