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From: CATH
Date: Monday, April 25, 2016 7:42 PM
To: Peg
Subject: Re: Anniversaries
Hi Peg! How are you?
You sound a clever lady crocheting and crafting. You sound very much like your Mum and Dad.. The deer were clever too.. Are you on a farm?
I remember our vegie patch growing up. My Mum and Dad worked so hard and they were always busy in the vegie garden. Love the home grown vegies.
Have you any signs yet Peg? I take any sign I can1 Just this morning, turned on the TV firt thing I heard was the Name Rose my Dear Mum s name. It was for a TV telephone competition. Rose has come up amazing frequently since my Pete has gone. 2 Rosie s yesterday... I like to think that is a sign that my Mum is sending a message. Have you been listening out for the name Helen and Coy..or any combination...any pointers to their names any connections. Sometime you got to to search!
Good luck to you Peg!Let me know how you go.....

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