Re: An ADC?
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From: Donnie's Carole
Date: Saturday, April 23, 2016 8:38 AM
To: Glragan
Subject: Re: An ADC?
Yes it could be an adc. If it feels in your heart as a message to you, then it is. There are so many ways for loved ones to give messages, what may seem ordinary to some may be a miracle to others. I have asked Donnie to send me certain signs. One day I ask him to send me a sign of a giraffe, and when I went to visit my Sister , she was outside talking to a neighbor and the Neighbor was wearing a t shirt with a Giraffe on it . Later that day My Sister and I went shopping and we were in a thrift store basement and at the very back corner was a wooden Giraffe. I believe our loved ones lead us to signs that we will recognize, when it is safe to do so.

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