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From: ShiningLight1967
Date: Tuesday, April 19, 2016 1:52 AM
Subject: Re: dreams

I had the weirdest dream that involved my husband the other night.(This is the condensed version) It seems that we were in our house. I walked through it, looking at the furniture and there was the dining room furniture, but when I returned, it was gone...there was nothing there. I heard our daughter and her friend coming up the front walk and asked them if they knew where it was, but when I came back in the house, there was new furniture in the dining room.

It was that point I heard my husband's voice. He was talking to me but it was hard to understand him, like, he was calling long distance and it was a bad connection. I heard somethings he said, but it was tough.. I remember a few things he said that came through clear. He asked me how I was sleeping.. to which I responded... not at all (I never slept well when he wasnt home) The communication then started coming through like he was over seas and we were talking over each other.

The next thing I remember him doing/saying was as we went upstairs, he grabbed my arm and pulled my sweater and almost pulled me down our stairs. Then he said... "Geez easy dude" to which I laughed because that was so him. He stared fading and I remember asking him not to go, which woke me up.

Now, here is the weird thing....

On the arm that he grabbed me and pulled my sweater, almost taking me down the stairs... is a bruise, exactly where I dreamed he he grabbed me.

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