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From: STM
Date: Thursday, April 14, 2016 10:05 PM
Subject: Seashells.
I was taking a walk with my mom today around the neighborhood and we both decided to see if my aunt could send us a sign/hello by the way of seashells since she absolutely loved them and collected them all throughout her life.

We live in a neighborhood far from any beach access so the chances of finding a seashell would naturally be very slim.

As we continued to walk on opposite sides of the road, a car drove by and a woman waved at me. I proceeded to cross the road to see my mom and we looked over at a pile of rocks and there lay one seashell, purely white. We both looked at one another and had goosebumps all over our arms. We looked around in the area to see if it was a coincidence but could not find seashells ANYWHERE!

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