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From: Andy
Date: Thursday, April 14, 2016 3:07 PM
To: Jess
Subject: Re: Laughing in Dream Visitations
I've had a vivid dream of my best friend visiting me and another about me visiting him.

I remember during this first dream, he was visiting me, I showed him the box containing his ashes and his obituary. He was not interested in his box, but very interested in reading the obit.

The second dream, I visited my friend and he was playing golf. He was a good golfer, but he was playing even better than he did on Earth. I asked how he learned to play so good. He said "Get your clubs and I will show you".

The second dream was only a night or so after I asked my friend to give me glimpse of his new life.

No laughing, but based on the vivid nature of both dreams, I believe they are real. I remember them better than 99.9% of events in "real" life.

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