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From: CATH
Date: Tuesday, April 12, 2016 6:36 PM
To: Tracy
Subject: Re: dash cams
Hi Tracy
That s really interesting about the drone noise. I will start to pay attention to sounds now.
By Pete's bedside table I have one of his books open, so every time I go to the bahroom or do something in the bedroom I turn the page for him. Yester we were page 63...the year he was born was 1964. So I liked that sign. I take any sign that I think is him.. We do a TV ratings gadget here, where you get rewards for watching tv and Neilsen get th info..Every three months we get a Newsletter from them. If you write in with a recipe for the newsletter, they give you a $59 gift card. Yesterday the lady from Neilsen rang to say the have picked my Pete's sausage Roll recipe for the newsletter. so 5000 people will see that in their next newsletter as well they'll send me a $50 gift card..SO I like to think that Pete, helping me! I'll be looking today and Listening CATHX

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