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From: CATH
Date: Monday, April 11, 2016 7:25 PM
To: Kate
Subject: Re: 2nd hand smoke from phantom cigarette smoker?
Hi Kate Andy and Carole Hi Everyone
I hope you link up with someone that has a smoking relative that passed on...Maybe you could bring them over to your home to see if there is any connection for them?. Maybe it s someone who has lost a family member or friend recently?
It sounds like it s definitely a sign and not an explainable happening. I bought a beautiful black leather soft briefcase /handbag so I can transport Pete's papers about when I go to solicitor's, so it keeps them safe and neat. The briefcase is about 15 foot away from where I sit in the loungeroom..and every few days I will get the strongest smell of leather for a few seconds. hen I will go and smell the breifcase..but it doesn;t give off a strong scent.just a mild regular not strong smell. I like to think that Pete's looking through his papers.

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