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From: Teresa
Date: Sunday, April 10, 2016 9:05 AM
Subject: Re: 2 ADC stories in "Angels On Earth" magazine
Those folks who know me know how much I love the "Angels on Earth" magazine. The March/April 2016 issue has 2 really good ADC stories. (I'm going to summarize them.)

"God in the Grocery Store"

A lady used to go grocery shopping, and enjoy it, with her husband when he was alive. For 45 years, he would pretend to look for something on a faraway aisle, then come back and give 3 yellow roses to his wife. This was the first time the wife had gone shopping alone after her husband had died.

The widow was trying to find a small steak for one at the meat counter. Another lady came up and said, "My husband loves t-bones, but at these prices I don't know if I should buy any."

The widow lady told her, "My husband passed away 8 days ago. Buy him the steaks, and cherish every moment you have together." Then she smiled and hurried away before the other lady could reply.

A few minutes later, the lady came up to the widow carrying 3 gorgeous yellow roses. "These are for you," she said. "The cashier knows that I've already paid for them."

The widow lady realized that her husband Chuck had sent flowers to her thru someone else! :)

(A sweet Hello from Heaven!)

"Two Petunias"

A lady had just lost her mother the night before. The mother had suffered from dementia for years.

When they were both younger, the woman had visited her mother, and they would sit on the porch chatting near a planter box full of pink and white petunias, flowers which her mother loved.

The younger woman had a planter box filled with rosemary plants. She knew her mother didn't remember anything for the last few years she was alive, due to the dementia. She wondered if her mother was able to remember things now, after she had passed on.

her husband responded, "Of course she remembers now. Your mom's in heaven, healed and whole." It was hard for the younger woman to believe that her mother was healed now, after being ill for so long.

After being ill herself for a few days, the lady went back to her planter box. She and her husband were amazed to find that her planter box now also contained 2 pink and white petunias growing alongside the rosemary plants. Pink and white petunias just like the ones her mother used to have on her porch! :)

(Her mom had sent her a little Hello from Heaven!)

Much love,


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