Re: Numbers and Soul Groups
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From: ShiningLight1967
Date: Friday, April 08, 2016 4:00 PM
To: linda
Subject: Re: Numbers and Soul Groups
OMG.. I was just thinking about this subject, and pondering it today. I have been seeing the number 4 all this week.

So, my husband's number is 4. It's a number he wore when playing sports and so all his emails (except for work) had some variation of the number 4 alongside his name.

Lately, I have been noticing the time at exactly 4:44. When I am at work, for some reason I will look at the clock on my computer and the time will be 4:44. I chuckle to myself and I do remember at one point I was talking to a coworker about him, looked down and it was 4:44 and told her.. see, he's hearing what we are saying.

The other day I was getting into my car to go home. My car tells me when I am nearing the time for maintenance and then will tell me how many miles over the scheduled maintenance I am. On this day, I started my car, and it yelled at me that oil maintenance is needed and that I was exactly -444 miles over the scheduled time. I just sat there and looked at the number because it took me by surprise. I actually took a picture of it with my phone because it was just so random.

Then that morning, I woke up as I usually do, usually about 3:00 AM, and rolled over to look at the clock. Yup.. it was 4:44 AM.

All I could say to myself was Jesus.... laughed and said "Hi baby, I love you." (that day was actually one of the better days that I have had since his passing)

I have been thinking about this for the past couple of days, and how this happens. Things must line up perfectly for a person to randomly look at a clock and see a string of numbers I would believe.

But I got 3 distinct 4:44 this past week....

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