Re: Hi, Snapdragon and Cath
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From: Teresa
Date: Friday, April 08, 2016 7:52 AM
To: Snapdragon
Subject: Re: Hi, Snapdragon and Cath
Hi, ladies.

Amy had been doing pretty well, but her ulcer may be flaring back up. She's been having stomach pains and vomiting again, like she started out with before. Can't get her to go to the dr., which is what let it get so bad last time. She really needs to see her gastro dr.! :(

Bill is perking along very well, thanks. Was very tired the last 2 weeks of the radiation treatments, but now is very energetic again. He had good news from the radiologist. They did a PSA test 6 weeks after treatments finished. It was a good bit lower than was to be expected, which is good! Of course, they will retest every 6 months in case the cancer seems to be coming back/getting worse.

I am fine myself, though sort of mentally worse for wear and tear due to ongoing "stuff" the last year. I turned 68 on Wed. and am really feeling my age!

Hope you and your mom are doing well, Snapdragon! :) And hope you are doing well, too, Cath!

Much love,


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