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From: Befuddled
Date: Friday, April 08, 2016 1:10 AM
Subject: ADC from parent about son's passing?
A couple weeks ago, a friend lost her son unexpectedly.

During an MRI, where she didn't have any sedation, she said she had a vision of her mother who appeared next to her and 'whacked' her on the mouth to get her attention. After getting her attention, her mother said not to worry about [sons name], I have him and he's with me.

Afterwards, she came out of the testing room, extremely emotional explaining it and described it as much realer than a dream would be. For a short while after, she also says she had a sore lip where the 'whack' occurred.

Does this seem like a type of ADC?

Are there instances where ADC's come not from the recently deceased but from someone who passed before them to relay information?

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