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From: BensMom
Date: Thursday, April 07, 2016 2:42 PM
Subject: ACD - Bird?
My mom passed away a week ago. Two days ago I left the door to my balcony partially open, as I often do on sunny days. I was having a very down day. I'd been crying a lot and worried about my mom's pending cremation (I'm not a fan of cremation and felt upset by the idea).

Suddenly a bird flew through the open door and started flying around my living room. This has never happened in the three years that I've lived there. I was freaked out about the bird and was worried about how I'd ever get it out of there. I think it was a robin.

Strangely, when I said to the bird, "come on, get on out of here" and showed it where to leave, it left.

Now I'm wondering -- could this have been a sign from Mom?

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