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From: Teresa
Date: Sunday, March 13, 2016 10:25 AM
To: cliff
Subject: Re: About your personal email problem.... Please read!
Dear Cliff,

Perhaps you don't realize this, but...

On your initial question above about crystals, YOU GAVE YOUR OWN EMAIL ADDRESS TO ALL OF US! Go look at your initial email. Your name is in BLUE. This means that you typed in your own email address and gave it out to all of us, most likely without realizing it.

It was an honest mistake on your part, and not anything intentionally injurious to you from any one of us. Call it a "BOO BOO" or an "OOPSIE"! :)

Most of us just type in our name in the NAME portion of the POST A MESSAGE or POST A REPLY. We don't type in our email address, thus we are not going to get a personal reply at our own private email address.

Please don't be offended or leave. Thank you!

Much love,


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