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From: Tasha Burt
Date: Friday, June 29, 2012 1:18 AM
Subject: smell of a loved one
Hello I am a 30 yr old woman who just relocated to another state. I have been in my apt. For about 2 wks and everything was well normal until tonite (june 28/29 2012) I was laying in bed with my husband and we were watching a movie then all of a sudden I smelled my grandma. I swear on this on a stack of bibles I REALLY smelled her. It smelled like cigerretts and jeri curl. It was rite next to me I asked my husband if he smelled it and he said no. So I layed back down and continue to watch the movie again and I smelled it again. I ran down to my closet where I have her sweater and a lock of her hair boxed up together. As soon as I openedthe closet her hair was on top of all the boxes. I had to dig out the rest of the boxes to get to her sweater and that box was STILL TAPED SHUT I brought out her sweater and it still has her smell. I'm asking u if it is possible she is trying to contact me or am I losing my mind. I'm not sure what to think. Please email me back ASAP to let me know something thank you

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