Joe S. DeCaro, Jr
Irene DaVall
Andy Dawson
Joe S. DeCaro, Jr
Ron DeLaney
Tricia A. DeLaney
Jennifer L. DeShone
Oliver G. Diamond
Wayne Loren Diedrich
Burtin C. Diem
Maria Van Dipten
Anthony DiVitale
Lorraine DiVitale
Louise Dobczyk
John Eric Duncan
Jason C. Dunn

Joe S. DeCaro, Jr.

Joe S. DeCaro, Jr.

March 2, 1945


January 14, 1998

As always we love and miss you!
It is comforting to know you are watching and assisting us in our lives! Please continue to guide us!
Thank you Heavenly Father for allowing this special communication and help.
What a wonderful message of love and faith you have given us.

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