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We lost our 21 yr old son this past April and my wife had an ADC via a dream soon after. Since then I've become very interested in this subject.
Kansas City, Missouri, United States
December 8, 2015
I've learned to embrace my gifts and have since been able to help others heal.
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
October 29, 2015
Awesome book-Hello From Heaven!! Why haven't you compiled another?
B j fjeldheim
United States
October 15, 2015
Brian Anthony Maher 10.9.78-8.22.1995 20years and I think of you everyday. You will never be forgotten. With eternal love and peace Anne
seward, Alaska, United States
August 19, 2015
Love your book. Gave me great comfort. Just wish I could see or talk to my daughter again. I don't get a lot of communication from her. It's been a long time now. Envy those that have. She passed in 1997. Only 13. Completed suicide. Still feel guilty.
Wausau, Wisconsin, United States
August 19, 2015
I forgot to add that all ADCs & NDEs are always wonderful to hear. I believe this based on my own ADCs & a couple of friends who had NDE experiences who were on that program "I survived: Beyond & Back..." program that aired about 3 years. This knowledge resonates within me. I love this kind of subjects. It does not mean I do not fear my own death, but I understand that death is not my or anyone else's spark/soul dying instead in it just another phase in one's existence.
Roseville, California, United States
August 12, 2015
Just got your book today, and started reading immediately.
Roseville, California, United States
August 12, 2015
I have just finished reading your book Hello from heaven and would like to let you know it has helped me better understand and has assisted me in my grieving .
Belmont, Victoria, Australia
July 31, 2015
I love the research book, the stories, I want to share that my grandmother died this past March & first I have an experience I smell her mentol , she suffered of rheumatism. But the most amazing thing was that she came to my daughter's dream to warning her.
West Chester, Ohio, United States
July 10, 2015
this book has helped me so much after my parents died. an i have order this book for other people that lost a love one .
jackson, Michigan, United States
June 30, 2015
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