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Hello Bill and Judy. It's been a long time since we spoke over the phone. I am very honored to have two of my experiences in your book. It has now been 19 years since my son died. The ADC experiences I've had have stayed with me these many years. They have given me comfort and peace. I've been able to share my experiences with others and I've given people copies of your book. They have all reported a profound peace after reading your book. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart!
Wyoming, Michigan, United States
July 10, 2011
I really loved the book, as I always believed in such things. I've heard from stories like that all my life and I thank you for writing this wonderful book. I lent it to other people and they were impressed as well.
São Paulo - SP, Brazil
July 4, 2011
Reading book gave me insight to know their is life after death, this is reassuring after my husband and soulmate went into spirit after 53 years together knowing now one day we will be reunited, love never dies
london, England, United Kingdom
June 30, 2011
I havent had a chance to order the book iam fixing too now and i have heard lots of good things will let u know what i think when iam done. Have a blessed day
chesnee, South Carolina, United States
June 23, 2011
Hi, I just finished "Hello from Heaven" and it was just wonderful! The hope and love and peace it has brought me is overwhelming! My father passed away 19 years ago (I was 20) and without knowing it at the time, he contacted me a few months afterwards. I went to a personnel agency as I was unemployed at the time, and when I went in to the interview, the lady interviewing me asked if she could read out of the Bible and pray with me before we start. I thought it was a bit odd, but as I'm a Christian it was quite comforting. She started reading Proverbs 3:5-6. I immediately burst into tears as my father had given me a Bible for my 9th birthday and had written this exact scripture in the front of that Bible! Now I know that he was there to tell me everything would be ok. Thank you, more than words can say :-)
Illovo, Gauteng, South Africa
June 20, 2011
I loved your book Hello From Heaven. I just gave it to another lady to read and Than my neighbors husband passed and I mentioned the book to her, so she will be reading it also..
fort pierce, Florida, United States
June 18, 2011
i'am been reading this book .i wish i could no where to buy some of your books they are so intrest.somethink similuar happen to me too. with my grandma.
san antonio, Texas, United States
June 7, 2011
My wife Carmel suddenly passed away on 12 March 2011. She had been in a wheelchair recovering from an operation on a fractured femur. A clot travelled to her lung and she had no chance. I experienced an ADC on the morning of her removal from the hospital to the Church. My experience occurred following over an hour in the hospital mortuary in Carmel's company as her remains lay in the coffin. I was unable to get confessions, so about 20 minutes praying in the church from a Psalm seeking forgiveness in the followed. All this time, I was becoming more at ease and more relaxed, following a very traumatic few days. My appetite returned for the first time. I decided to go to a bar for lunch. After I sat down with my lunch, the calmness I was feeling became overwhelming - like nothing I ever experienced before. Then I saw a vision of a really happy and full of life Carmel with a beaming smile as she ran easily through a meadow on a bright day, with butterflies above the tall grasses. The vision lasted about 5 seconds, but was unmistakable. I told relations at the removal that evening what happened, after they yold me I seemed so relaxed while all the crowd was sympathising with me. I was am so grateful for that experience. My grieving for Carmel still continues though. While I realise Carmel is in Heaven, I still miss her in person terribly. Thanks so much for your book! Best wishes! Michael
Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
June 7, 2011
This book confirmed what I knew my whole life - I was just too afraid others will think I am out of my mind. I now know I am as IN MY MIND as can be!!! Thank you
Clanwilliam, Western Cape, South Africa
May 29, 2011
Dear Bill and Judy I want to say thankyou from the bottom of my heart for writing this book. It has brought me so much comfort. My beloved husband KArl passed over on the 16th Sept 2010 after 1 year battle witlh cancer. Reading this book has given me an inner strength, hope and a light at the end of the tunnel.
newtonmore, Scotland, United Kingdom
May 20, 2011
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