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The song brought tears to my eyes, I just lost my brother.
Harlem, Georgia, United States
September 27, 2009
I heard you on the radio while I was driving home one night and I sat in my car the rest of the broadcast as not to miss the entire show. I was so amazed to hear all the live testomony of the shared experience,and to hear 120 million other americans as well in your research for this book. Thank You seems light to the reality of the experiences you have validated for me. I have had many of both my Mother and Father but only after my Mom's passing October 2006. They come to give me messages to carry out regarding my life. Its amazingly real!
Santa Rosa, California, United States
September 23, 2009
Thank you for sharing your story and song. It has help me cope with my mothers' death and I know she is always in my heart.
Houston, Texas, United States
September 23, 2009
My mom passed away on September 8, 2009. That night I was lying in bed, unable to sleep, when I hears you on the radio. I think that was a sign from my mom that she is alright and to be open to communication from her. I bought your book and it has helped me through this. Thank you.
Crystal, Minnesota, United States
September 20, 2009
Finding ADC is truly a gift and support for me. Beverly went home to Heaven 01/02/2009 It is her I thank for the poke from Heaven to listen to "Coast to Coast" 09/08/2009 and discover ADC. Thank you my love and Bill&Judy!
pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
September 18, 2009
I found your web site to be well written, visually impressive, and very informative!
Phoenix, Arizona, United States
September 17, 2009
thank you, i heard you on coast to coast, and had a better sense of what after life communication is. i enjoyed the show, and look forward to reading your book.
cheney, Washington, United States
September 16, 2009
It's nice to see a site devoted to this.
Cottage Grove, Oregon, United States
September 15, 2009
In honor of our beautiful son Stephen, who left this earthly life as we know it on Good Friday, April 10, 2009. He is greatly loved and missed by his Mom, his Dad, his brother and his family, and many other family members and an unbelievable number of "best" friends that love him, too.
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
September 11, 2009
I am SO grateful to know that I am not crazy and not alone!
Houston, Texas, United States
September 11, 2009
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