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My first entry in this guestbook was in May 1997, when I was a newly bereaved mom of my 6 year old son, Ryan, who passed from a car crash on 1/24/97. It is nearly 11 years later, and whenever I have "Ryan Moments" I STILL reach for "Hello From Heaven". I have been blessed with several dreams/visitations, most in those early months and years, and he appeared before my neice in a full body talking apparition the same month of my first entry. I have also given the book to many friends who have lost children, spouses and other loved ones since, and it is a comfort to all who read it. Thank you, Bill and Judy, and I very much hope you will publish a sequel- maybe "Hello from Heaven AGAIN"?? :-)
Douglassville, Pennsylvania, United States
March 30, 2008
Your book "Hello From Heaven" was very uplifting. I have been praying for my deceased step-mother to visit with me for a long time and hopefully someday this will happen.
Oakville, Ontario, Canada
March 24, 2008
Strange how I came about your website actually. I had to say goodbye to my best friend a week ago. In fact her doctor came to our home to relieve her of her pain and suffering. Yes, I am referring to my dog. Not a human. Tho the friendship I had with her for the past almost 11 yrs. surpassed any friendship I ever had with my own kind. I have been grieving like there's no tomorrow since I last held her majestic Rottweiler head in my hands as I said how sorry I am for what we were doing. The guilt I have been trapped in is so emence. She suffered from 2 different types of cancer and we felt best to say goodbye since treatment would not have been a better outcome anyway and we didn't want to continue to see her suffer from the inside out. I canceled my newspaper subscription months ago and woke this morning to a paper on the drive way. The front page sports a small section about song that came to a woman's dream...and well, here I am. I heard the song, started to cry and the tears refused to flow down my cheeks. I decided to look at the other links on her website and found out about your book. (which I would like to purchase). Then I found "your comments" section and here I am. Please Please, tell me with honesty that my friend is waiting for me on the other side. I need to know that I'm forgiven and that our decision was the right thing. I know, at this point I sound pretty crazy. But I can't handle the guilt!
Longwood, Florida, United States
March 13, 2008
I loved the book. I just listened to the song "until were together again" I still have tears rolling down my face.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
March 11, 2008
My heart just aches for all of you who have lost someone you loved. Grief is so very painful but it is a testament that you have loved someone very deeply. My beloved husband of 17 years left me suddenly almost 4 years ago at age 43. His death was bizarre, tragic and left me with so many questions and intractable grief. Because of the depth of love we had for each other he found many ways to return after his death to help answer my questions and provide clarity. He knew I needed to have answers or I would not have been able to cope. Life and love truly are eternal. Thank you Bill and Judith for your research on this subject and for providing this forum for us to express ourselves. Hello from Heaven was a wonderful book, I look forward to another. My thougths and prayers are with all of you. Rohana
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
March 7, 2008
I Lost My HusbandJan.13 2008 IFeel As I Can\t Go On He Was My Life.I Love Him So.I Wish I Could Have Gone With Him.You Have To Just Stand There And Let It Hurt You FeelThe Pain And It Does Not Leave Your Heart I Want Him Back So Bad I Miss Him So Layton I Love YOU.
Gladstone, Missouri, United States
March 7, 2008
I am so very sorry for everyone's loss that has left a message on this site. I lost my brother almost 7 years from a alcohol overdose. I have found a website as well that is very comforting and could help people on here as well. WWW.FINDAGRAVE.COM-become a free member and make your loved one a memorial, add pictures and you can visit it daily to leave a token and message whenever you would like. Have a great day. You will be in my prayers.
Louisville, Kentucky, United States
March 6, 2008
I lost my 16 year old son Keith M. Young about two years ago to Cystic Fibrosis. Thought I was going to go with him there for a while. Sometimes I still wish I could. This is the worst feeling in the world. I can't functin at all sometimes. But I have found about $10.00 in single dimes since he has passed. Strategically placed so I know they were meant to be found. I always used to tease him about having to spend every dime in his pocket. Also the grandparents, brothers, father and uncles have found them. Once I went somewhere and was talking to him after he passed and told him I hoped he was with me and when I came back and got in my van, there was a single dime on my seat. I have had a couple of dreams about him that were so real I could FEEL the material of his shirt and the warmth of his hug and the sound of his voice saying "It's me mom." I miss him SO BADLY! I feel like dying sometimes.
Mansfield, Ohio, United States
March 5, 2008
I do believe in the spirit contacts as I have felt my passed Daughter's presence. My Daughter was killed in Iraq.
New Auburn, Wisconsin, United States
February 28, 2008
I am in the middle of Hello From Heaven, and i just love hearing the stories. I lost my brother to a single car accident in january of 2006, it was his 18th birthday and we were told it was suicide. I am very devistated and i too have had a couple of adc moments. This book was very uplifting.
Louisville, Kentucky, United States
February 27, 2008
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