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Hello From Heaven is such an inspiration! I'm looking forward to anything else you write.
Brandon, Florida, United States
September 20, 2006
I came across the book- I will be reading, and then this site. I wanted to share that after my husband died, I felt a buzzing on my mouth,then cheek, and then was flooded with the intense loving feeling through my head while fully awake,and after the amazement wore off, comfort set in, because I realized that it was my husband communicating to me feelings- I am grateful for it.
Lutz, Florida, United States
September 14, 2006
My 19-year-old daughter was killed last month. About 10-15 minutes before I learned the horrible news, I was getting ready for bed and I heard my wind chimes making a very loud noise. Since it was a humid night with barely a breeze, it made me feel perplexed. I looked outside and no one was there and the trees weren't really moving. Yet as soon as I looked away, I heard them again. I didn't feel scared but I felt curious and uneasy. I now believe that it was my daughter, telling me she was okay and for me not to worry.
September 10, 2006
Loved "Hello from Heaven" and anxious to read the next book from Bill & Judy. Please advise as to when that might be coming out? Thanks!
Oklahoma, United States
September 9, 2006
Just finished your fantastic book. Look forward to the next one. I've always known there is more to life than this and it is great to read so many wonderful inspirational accounts. Keep up the great work.
Mandurah, Western Australia, Australia
September 7, 2006
our hearts go out to you in this time of loss.
lake city, Florida, United States
September 1, 2006
This is the best thing I have ever found. I'm not alone! Joan (BELIEVE)
Crosby, Texas, United States
August 28, 2006
This is very important work. I have always known we grieve because we will miss the ones who have gone on before us, not "for them." I have had the dreams, messages through a psychic and felt the presence of some who have passed on. I have seen spirits, too, but not of my loved ones. (Just ones hanging out where I happened to be.) You are right. It is Love that connects us wherever we are.
Proctorville, Ohio, United States
August 28, 2006
I read the book,and I loved it. It made me realize that there is SOMETHING out there for us after we leave this life. I have had a couple ADC moments myself. They are very comforting. Thank you fro putting so much time and energy into this cause.
Minnesota, United States
August 23, 2006
My very best friend told me about your book. I bought it and will read it. I will let you know my thoughts. I am looking for some answers and I hope I can find some peace in reading your book.
Collegeville, Pennsylvania, United States
August 7, 2006
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