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I want to add that my brothers death was sudden, and very unexpected. He and my father were very keen on wildlife, especially brids. When we were leaving to go to his funeral, there were two large blackbirds sitting on the wall outside the house. We all looked at each other and smiled, sure that it was them telling us " stop your crying, we are fine where we are and it's not as bad as it seems!" Also, when we go for picnics where the family used to go, we are often visited by a brothers favourite wild bird........I firmly believe that we do receive signs from afar.
Egg Harbor, New Jersey, United States
December 12, 2004
I am used to seeing things that haven't happened yet. I recently sold a box that my grandmother left me. It was silver and very old, and the story goes it has traveed all over the world to mystic places, such as Tibet and the pyramids. I used it once, and dreamed of my family, only one of my brothers and one of my sisters were not in the dream. I lost both of them within six months. My sister used the box, and saw them clearly, with my father who had also passed away. I believe we do move o. After all, isn't our birth a sort of death, in as much as we leave what has been our life for 9 months, not knowing where we are going, in order to arrive here.
Egg Harbor, New Jersey, United States
December 12, 2004
"Hello From Heaven!" is one of the most spiritually enlightening books ever written. I feel like I've experienced almost every type of ADC the Guggenheim's have written about; with the exception of those concerning suicide. Having felt like I was receiving visits from Heaven since I was a child and then really picking up the speed of numerous visits in the past 20 years. Having been saved from possible death due by an Angel in 1994, hearing her voice and hand touch my shoulder, telling me to "step on it" to avoid the accident - I truly believe in the eternal life.
charlotte, North Carolina, United States
December 11, 2004
This is for Ray Scott who died in a tragic hunting accident November 24th 2006...We will never forget you Ray, you left too soon, but I have to trust God has a greater plan. It's just so hard to get it through my head that you aren't "Here" anymore, and so terribly painful..Your family misses you, and Josh sure does too, but I know in time your son will understand. Your a beautiful soul. Still, too young, Iam sorry. I will miss you !
December 10, 2004
I believe that there is an afterlife.
Boise, Idaho, United States
December 9, 2004
This is a great site. I love reading what others post. This is such a great site for the grieving process. Please keep up the great work for this site. This site gives us faith that our loved ones will always be with us. God Bless You all.
Wayne, Michigan, United States
December 6, 2004
I lost my fiance last september and my father Sunday november 28 I have a four year old anyone with suggestions on how to help him I would be greatful he lost his daddy and now his papa he has dreams and fears of losing me now. I thank God everyday for my son but I do worry about him. I have regular visits from my loved ones ( deceased) but my grief is still heavy. Thank you for this web site it has been helpful. Lyn i
Marinette, Wisconsin, United States
December 5, 2004
My mom left this website in her purse handwritten. She passed away November, 07 2004. Her name is Brenda K. Williams maiden name is Jones. Born 6-03-1953. I have tried to figure out passwords to see what she is trying to tell me and so far no luck. My name is Michelle L. Olson maiden Jones (daughter) Born 4-11-73. Please contact me via email or phone 281-303-7503 cell home 281-489-9090. Thank You
Manvel, Texas, United States
November 25, 2004
Dear Judy and Bill, I lost both my cousin, Jana (age 37), as well as my Mother in 1996. Shortly thereafter, I found your book, and it was such a comfort to me. A dear friend lost her only daughter nearly a year ago and I recently sent her a copy of your book; she is finding much comfort, as well. Please continue your wonderful work in bringing comfort and understanding to those who may not realize that physical death releases us to return to our true spiritual home. Love and Blessings, Linda Hovatter St. Petersburg, FL
St. Petersburg, Florida, United States
November 18, 2004
I was brought here by a note I found in my Mothers things. All it said was Hello from Heaven this was a shock when I found it and knew I needed to find out what she wanted to tell me I have not bought the book yet but I think now I will. This is something she had just started getting into before she died. Me and my dad on our lowest days keep finding notes from her.
Milpitas, California, United States
November 18, 2004
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