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Your web site is great! I am going to get your book tomorrow, thank you for caring
Pampa, Texas, United States
January 26, 2004
I just discovered your site. Good work. It has been 10 years since I spoke to you on the phone Bill from the Great White North. The book is wonderful and I hope you have more planned. Thank you, Traci
Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
January 23, 2004
A truly beautiful website. Plenty to provide comfort to the bereaved and for students of Spirit to increase their knowledge. Thank you
Chester, England, United Kingdom
January 19, 2004
I read yor book and really enjoyed. I just wanted to share an experience: My WONDERFUL husband passed away last year from cancer. Not to go into all the details of how I have agonized and suffered, as well as my children, I wanted to ask if anybody else has experienced what I have. The first time he came to visit me was on my birthday (2 mos after his death.) I was awakened during the night by a beautiful, vibrating sensation. I visualized a beautiful blue sky with white clouds. I had been crying for days previous to this and wishing I could have one more hug. During this experience, I heard a voice (I'm not sure if it was mine) saying the same thing - I wish I could have one more hub . . . With that my whole body felt warm and peaceful, as if it were a beautiful, peaceful hug. I have had similar experiences on various special occasions, like our anniversary, birthdays, holidays, etc. It is something I can't describe to you . It is like a beautiful, peaceful vibrating sensation, and I KNOW it is his presence. Please let me know if anybody else has experienced this. It might be because he and I were exceptionally close and that I am more intuned to it. Thank you.
Charlestown, Rhode Island, United States
January 16, 2004
oh,very nice site. if any one needs consoling words after the sad demise of their dear ones I will certainly write a consoling letter.Please let them give their email and mailing address to my email Id thank you
Kuchipudi, Andhra Pradesh, India
January 15, 2004
I want to thank-you for having a site like this so that we can grieve together or share our thoughts. I have had numerous experience since I lost my husband. I NEVER HAD THESE EXPERIENCES UNTIL I LOST MY HUSBAND. Just last week, something jumped into my bed but there was nothing there. It jolted the bed and there was nothing there. Later on I kept hearing squeeking in the bedroom. In fact it kind of scared me. I got the flash light, and I looked outside, turned on the lights, making sure nothing was outside cause I kept hearing squeeking noises in the bedroom with me. Their was nothing visible that I could see, just something that I could feel. I have in the past felt someone touching me after I was in the bed. I felt someone touching my bare skin but their was no one there. Clocks have stopped and even started again. A ceiling fan turns on by itself all the time. Also after my husbands death,(a day later) the neighbor boy who was like a grandson to my husband, gave me a message from my husband, "how he didn't get a chance to say,"GOOD-BYE" and that he "LOVED ME and our Son." This message was given to me by a 8 year old boy. He gave me such detail, like how "he didn't get a chance to say "good-bye". This is exactly true, because my husband went to work, and died on the job. So the last I saw of my husband, was that I dropped him off at work, and never come home again. I don't know what is happening right now but as I am writing this, I happened to get up to let my dogs into the house, and I looked at my typing and there was a recipe here, that I didn't put here. So I had to erase the recipe that I did not put here. I guess my husband is letting me know that he is here right now. So I had to erase it so that I could submit it. So, as I type this, "MY HUSBAND, IS WITH ME RIGHT NOW. I GET UP, AND THEN THERE ARE WORDS ON THE BOTTOM OF THIS COMMENT. SO I HAD TO ERASE THEM. SO WE ARE NEVER ALONE. LOVE IS ETERNAL. I know that when I tell people about my experiences here, people don't know what to say. I know what is happeneing. I am not imagining these things. Love doesn't die with death. If someone would have told me these same thing, I would not have known what to think. I always try to think with a open mind. Now that this is happening to me, I believe these signs do happen. People ask me if this makes me afraid. I tell them "NO". This only makes it easier for me to get bye each day. Some days it is awlfully hard, but when these strange things happen, it sure helps me. Anyone else with these experience? I would love to hear from others.
Wayne, Michigan, United States
January 15, 2004
Thank you for your website. Very recently (last night) I had what you call a Twilight experience. Actually it was my first experience with the other side althought I have always believed that we do continue after death, and now I am certain that we do. How else would I now know certain details about my great-grandmother who died exactly 23 years, to the month, before I was born. I had no idea when she died until just last night. I'm not sure how to deal with all that I've learnt just yet but I do hope to find your book, read it and perhaps continue seeing my granny.
Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada
January 11, 2004
Your book was referred to me by Carla Blowers, author of "Dreaming Kevin". I lost my only daughter Kim, age 20, on September 3, 2002 to a car accident. Three months after she died was her 21st birthday. I was in the store and heard something fall by my feet. I looked down and it was a magnet that said "I LOVE YOU MOM". One year later, I was still crying everyday, and she came to me in a dream, asking me not to cry. I am so devastated with the loss of my daughter, who was also my best friend, but I know she is watching over me and we will be together again one day. I met a wonderful person through the compassionate friends website, Sandie Mullins, who has helped me tremendously. She is the one that made me realize all the emotions I felt were normal. I have come to love a dear friend, Patti Moses, who also lost her son several years ago. I am sorry I was not there for her like she has been here for me.
Hammond, Louisiana, United States
January 9, 2004
I have had many losses in my life, my mother died when I was 9 yrs. old and my father became disabled and passed away 10 yrs. ago. My sisters and I thought we had our share of loses until I lost my beautiful daughter On September 11th 2001 at the hands of the terrorists. She was only 21yrs. old. This is the worst loss to lose a child. I have always belived in HEAVEN and since my daughters passing I have read many books and someone from my daughters college gave me your book " Hello from Heaven" and I randomly opened to the ADC on Butterflies and Rainbows and was amazed of what I read. My daughter's symbol is the butterfly and rainbows. The day we buried her we released 16 monarch butterflies and they flew back to her casket flowers. I said at this time when I see a butterfly around me I know she's here. I have had many times I knew she was here with me.I write them down so I will not forget. I feel she had me open to this chapter of your book for these are the ways I feel she comes to me and through songs.I would like to have support from others who lost their child and to be able to share with each other.
San Jose, California, United States
January 9, 2004
I want to tell you what a beatiful and helpful site this a bereaved mother who lost her son 19 months ago to suicide, I look for anything to help me cope. I am glad that I found your site. Bless you for being here for people like me.
Lori Meitzen
Oshkosh, Wisconsin, United States
January 8, 2004
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