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my name is anthony im 19 years old and i miss my granddad who died last year of a flesh eating disease.the dad of my mother.....and i miss my very best friend melissa jennifer mancini who died three motnhs ago..the sister of nikkita (mancini) salviano..and the girlfriend of jason thomas *jt* walsh
brampton, Ontario, Canada
November 8, 2003
hi my name is jason thomas *jt* walsh im 19 years old ..first of all i would like to say that i miss my dad who died when i was 10 years old. he died of liver cancer.... and i will miss him forever...he was the coolest dad, anyone could have......and most importantly i want to say that i miss my veryyyyyy beautiful princess who was my best friend. soulmate....and my girlfriend..i've known her since birth and her mom and my mom are very best friends... i would like to say that i miss my very beautiful girlfriend melissa jennifer mancini..the sister of nikkita salviano (mancini is her maiden last name..but shes married) was awful that melissa couldent be there to watch her sister get married...i was there with our friends..but we didnt feel the same after melissas tragical death.........she died on her 19yh birthday...and will be missed...i was supposed to engage her to be my wife......thanx
brampton, Ontario, Canada
November 8, 2003
my name is nikkita im 21 years old....and im married...but i miss my dear lovable and sweetest sister who was tragically murdered three months ago...she died on her 19th birthday mon august 21 2003 and all of our friends dearly miss the loving memory of my sweet sister:melissa jennifer mancini...born in rome,italy on wednesday august 21 - and died on wednesday august 21 2003 r.i.p
brampton, Ontario, Canada
November 8, 2003
I'm just finding this site,I will read the book,and reach out for comfort, I've lost 4 ameadit family members,and a life long friend this week,knowing and feeling them around me,gives me comfort;but...I'm quite lost,in memory of Mother,Father,gram(grammy)aunt ruth and larry,I will write back,thank you for trying to help people with grief,sometimes its the only thing we can reach out to help ourselfs.needing love and light,laurie mello
laconia, New Hampshire, United States
November 7, 2003
Ijust finished reading your book, Hello From Heaven. I can't tell you what a great help it was to me. I lost my mother and best friend 6 months ago, the pain has been almost too much to bear.Thank you for the wonderful book, and for your beautiful webb site.
Pennsylvania, United States
November 6, 2003
Thank You! Respectfully Yours, Dawn Wilson
Waterford Works, New Jersey, United States
November 5, 2003
I have not read your book as yet, but do have it. Will be starting it this weekend. Keep up the good work! Many Blessings-debra
walden, New York, United States
October 30, 2003
Very glad to have found this site.Lost my bestfriend,my mum, a couple of years ago. Thought that death was the end, now I know better.
nk, Rhode Island, United States
October 26, 2003
I have found your site today surfing the net. My Mother passed on October 12, 2003. We buried her on Oct 16th, 2003. I feel like I have a hole in my heart since she passed. I truly believe in the afterlife, I know she is around me. I just can't seem to accept the fact that her physical body is gone. Your site helped me today to know for sure that she is in my mind and spirit forever. Thank you for your site. I miss you MOM. I love you.
Keller, Texas, United States
October 25, 2003
I loved your book. It helped me through a lot of events in my life including the deaths of my husband and father-in-law. Unfortunately i misplaced the book before i finished it and have not had a chance to replace it yet.
Cooleemee, North Carolina, United States
October 24, 2003
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