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Thankyou for being who you are and helping to validate who we truely are and what we are naturally able to do,'Blessings Denise Lee "Dancing Eagel Feather"
McADOO, Pennsylvania, United States
November 17, 2002
I love this site it helped me so much when my dog tara died 2 years ago. Bless you. Linda xx
Alicante, Spain
November 15, 2002
I have ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease in the USA) and have had vivid dreams with my older brother who committed inadvertant suicide earlier this year and with my precious mother-in-law. I've also recently was awakened with a "tap" on my left shoulder.
Sassafras, Victoria, Australia
November 15, 2002
Greetings, Judy I have been reading your book, Hello From Heaven, and made me discover more about ADC. For example, I can smell fishes when my father was a fisherman which surprised me. I can thank you for this rewarding experience. Mary Ellen show me your web site and I could not wait to tell you about my ADC. Love with Peace, Diana
Coram, New York, United States
November 13, 2002
So glad you finally have your own program on tv. I've foowed your work for many years now, and you ARE the man. Blessed be, Jean
Sacramento, California, United States
November 12, 2002
I'm so glad I found this web site, it's very helpful and interesting! I'm looking forward to reading the book "hello from Heaven". I plan on visiting this site daily. Thanks!!
Strawn, Illinois, United States
November 10, 2002
Hi guys, have just joined the internet, and have found this. Not a great user yet but will get the hang of it. I have recently lost the love of my life as well as my best friend to suicide. My emotions are so messed up because I'm too close to the situation, that I've only been able to see him and of course feel his feelings. But I have no communication with him which makes me very sad. When I discover more I'll be way better off, but it is so nice to know others out there don't see this as crazy. I live in a town that is so behind in the paranormal, I guess it's called. To me it's just normal. Everything in everyday is the hard part. I don't seem to connect very well with the everyday person. But listen to me rattling on, I should let you go and explore more on this new internet way. God Bless. Teresa.
Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada
November 8, 2002
I loved meeting Judy when she appeared on Long Island (NY) cable show BEYOND THE UNEXPLAINED with Janet Russell. I look forward to seeing Judy again. This website is just beautiful and very informative. Glad you included John Edwards here. Lee Moorhead
Southampton, New York, United States
November 7, 2002
i lost my love to suicide when i was 19- he was 21-it was vietnam. i am 53 and have been waiting to be with him all these years, living a solitary life, learning my lifes lessons, trying to be useful and loving in the world in which i exist. i was a nurse for 28 years- i have been at the side; holding the hands of great numbers of dying humans-often, ihave seen what they have seen-felt what they have felt in crossing over-the crossing over show has brought me great comfort, as before this, i have shared my experience with very few, fearing it be received as a confession of pathology:) it is good to see this spiritual reality acknowledged- it is good for me- i don't feel so lonely anymore
rock island, Illinois, United States
November 4, 2002
So wonderful to find a site about after-death communication that doesn&#8217;t concentrate on psychics, mediums, men and other fallible third parties, but looks at spontaneous, direct communication initiated or allowed by our unlimited God and Creator of the Universe.
Sprinfield, Missouri, United States
November 3, 2002
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