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Would someone contact me, please
DeLand, Florida, United States
January 13, 2001
I have the book "Hello From Heaven", and have read it three times. I would so like to really believe that it's all true. I am such a "reality-based" person, and it's so hard to believe in things I can't touch. I'm just so afraid that this is nothing more than people fooling themselves - the human mind is a tricky place. I have lost too many loved ones already - to know that there is truly an afterlife would give me so much peace. . .
Oregon, United States
January 13, 2001
I would like to have further details about your organisation. I am interested in the art of communication with the deceased. Please send me further details at the earliest. E-mail:
CHENNAI, Tamil Nadu, India
January 13, 2001
Thank you so much for allowing me to share my feelings on your sight. It helps to know I'm not alone.
Port Vincent, Louisiana, United States
January 11, 2001
What a lovely web site. Before my mother died 5 years ago, my sister asked God to send her a sign of "Butterflies" to let us know that when our precious mother passed over, that she was safe in His arms. We got the sign the night she slipped into a coma, at her funeral, at the gravesite, and numerous times since then. Our nephew, Eddie Lawhon, Jr. was murdered not quite two years ago, and we were sent the butterflies again. His killer is still walking around free; and his mother, my sister, is suffering immensely by the loss of her son, and the fact his killer is free. She needs desperately to hear from her son; that he is okay - the butterflies just haven't been enough to console her. But I found your site today; and if you can, imagine my genuine pleasure and feeling of contact, when I saw the butterflies on your site. Thank you! I just finished reading John Edward's "One Last Time" and I will be purchasing "Hello from Heaven" and reading it before this week is out. Thank you and I will visit your site frequently, as it is now on my favorites list.
Dover, Delaware, United States
January 10, 2001
hi it is a good sight if it is free from rumours i would like to include my comments and my informations to it.
Multan, Pakistan
January 9, 2001
I am 3/4 the way thru your book and have already gained the belief that my mother, who passed away from a heart problem november 2000, is in a much better place than here. I did recieve a message from her about 4 weeks after her passing and she assured me that she would see me on the "other side"... I am keeping the faith thru your book and the encounters of your readers and hope to see her in a much better place...(heaven)
Oromocto, New Brunswick, Canada
January 8, 2001
i've lost our dog james 3 days ago, and it was so hard to think that he's gone, we had him for almost ten years, a male shis tzu, i can't forget the look in his eyes, how can i ever forget him, i got his ashes today, i can't stop crying, that's how i find this site, while thinking and surfing the web to get a nice urn for him, because he's only placed in a temporary container, when my two kids are away, it's only me and james at home he stay' where i stay, even when he can't speak he understood me, now he is much more the pain that everyone else feels with the persons that they loved who left them, its the same feeling. i've never read the book but i will.
Ontario, Canada
January 6, 2001
I am trying to learn son passed on 6 years ago, and I have been searching for you can understand.......I have read almost all the available literature, yet have not found what I am looking for.....reasurance that he is "ok" - and I am searching for peace......
bayfield, Colorado, United States
January 3, 2001
i have a few questions about life after death how can i speak to someone about this? One of my questions is why is it if you need someone who has passed on and they are not there for you? why do they come when your life here is fine but when you need them the most why don't they come? and how can you contact a person who has passed on? and if you hear your own voice in your head and not the person's who has passed on but you think it is then answering you...but its your own voice not theirs? are you talking to yourself? anyway those are a few questions i have... and i would like to say i started reading your book and i love it..i'm not done yet but so far it has helped me believe..thank you for being the people you are helping many people through their hard times..sincerly Kristen =)
Peekskill, New York, United States
January 3, 2001
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