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Sending prayers and love to all of you that have lost loved ones.God Bless.
Dublin, Ireland
January 18, 2001
I Looked through the web site and find it very good, on 23-9-99 I lost my 30yr old brother in a lorry accident, on the 27-9-00 I lost my father through cancer and 2 weeks after my fathers death my mother was dignosed as having cancer she died 7 weeks after my father it is all too hard to believe.
Naas, Kildare, Ireland
January 18, 2001
You have a great site and I hope to be able to get your book and then I will know it is as good as people says it is
Elverta, California, United States
January 16, 2001
I just visited your site, and it's very refreshing. When we lost our little girl to SIDS, we thought something like that could never happen to us. We know now, that life is very short, and we live each day to the fullest. Thank you for the inspiration of others. Lauri Logsdon
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
January 16, 2001
It has been a year since i first visited ACD when the death of my son was so fresh and painful i was reeling ..with the love and care from your site i made it throw a year thank you so much people of ACD
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
January 15, 2001
Thank you so much for a place to go, where people don't think that I am nuts. Your book is wonderful, keep up this very important work.
baldwinsville, New York, United States
January 14, 2001
Interesting website. The book Hello from Heaven is very good. I am using these resources for a Sociology paper.
Jan Morgan
Tomah, Wisconsin, United States
January 14, 2001
I nhave a few experieinces to submit but I don't have time right now......great idea....CK
Victoria, Victoria, Australia
January 14, 2001
Leander, Texas, United States
January 13, 2001
A wonderful web site! So many people sharing. My mother attended one of your talks and purchased your book. I will be reading it myself soon. We lost my brother on Labor Day last year. I've had only one encounter where Michael has come to visit me. It was right after we found out that he had passed away. To me it was a great comfort and helped tremendously to realize that although I would never see his face or hear his voice again he was still with me. Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Guggenheim.
Port Orange, Florida, United States
January 13, 2001
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