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I believe this life as we know it, is like a class room. A place we all come to learn, what we need to know to survive out in the real world.
Barstow, California, United States
December 4, 2000
to experience life is a good thing, to experience love is an even better thing, my only sadness is that I lost my love 4/8/98. I now have to learn to have life and love and never forget. Angel
Jacksonville, Florida, United States
December 3, 2000
this is anice site. my cousin was killed by a drunk driver along with his best friend 5 days after his 21 b-day.
Janesville, Wisconsin, United States
December 2, 2000
I just found out about your web site. I am very excited about this. I lost my daughter who was 9 mo. pregnant in labor and delivery for 5 hours with high B/P swelling headaches for 3 days protein in urine and sugar Hospital did ultra sound knew baby was at least 9&1/2 pounds after that 5 hours they sent her home she died 2 hours later. There was not enough time to save our Baby Ella. My losss was 1-20-00 I am in such great pain. The loss has been devastating to my life, I am no longer a whole person with out them.I miss them so
Chicago, Illinois, United States
December 1, 2000
Came apon you while surfing, can't seem to get away have put you on my favorets so I can come often. I have also had Loved Ones come to me the most resent my Mom this site has helped me alot
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, United States
December 1, 2000
Dear Bill and Judy(pardon the informality) Can you tell me if your book is available in Australia as I have read James' books and am very interested in Life after Death etc. I am a first time visitor to this sight and would be very interested in any information you can give me. Thankyou God Bless Jan
Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia
December 1, 2000
Neat web site will spend some time here. Healer myself and learning my own gifts.
Flower Mound, Texas, United States
December 1, 2000
I'm 34 and lost my husband two months ago in a plane crash, I've been doing a lot of reading trying to sooth my pain, although I have two small children, I feel lonely and empty without the person that meant everything to me. He was a great human being and made me feel deeply loved during the 14 years that I lived next to him, I don't know how to cope with my unhappiness. I wish he could communicate with me and tell me he's okay and that he'll be waiting for me to join him in a near future. At least that way I would have a reason to live for.
Caracas, Miranda, Venezuela
November 30, 2000
I think that this is a very good wed site that people could look at and i enjoyed it alot
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
November 30, 2000
My love and healing thoughts go out to you all who are suffering the loss of a loved one. Remember they are only a whisper away.
Dorset, England, United Kingdom
November 30, 2000
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