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You have an incredibly beautiful website. It fills me with hope as I am awaiting an adc from my father who passed Dec. 1. Your site is truely moving and inspirational. Thank you.
Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States
December 11, 2000
I am so pleased that my two friends, Dolly Little, (Chuckles) and Jill, (ie Wickedwytch)from England have signed in, I always recommend this wonderful site to everyone I speak too. You all do such great work for God and spirit. You have given me such a gift to be able to communicate with all you beautiful people. On wings of love Starlight
Dorset, England, United Kingdom
December 10, 2000
i hvn't read this bk yet. but i asked my dad 4 it 4 christmas. he and my mom must think i'm crazy 2 ask 4 a book about death but i'm really interested in it. i'm kinda scared about what will happen when we die. i hope this will comfort me. thanx 4 tellin me bout it!!
United States
December 10, 2000
i will visit this site again when i get a better computer. i will also get your book
London, England, United Kingdom
December 9, 2000
I am new and haven't perused yet, but I have heard beautiful things from a friend. I wish you all Lots of Love Light Chuckles and Hugs Dolly xxxxxxx
Weymouth, Dorset, England, United Kingdom
December 7, 2000
I recently attened The Crossing Over with John Edward Show, and because of that experience, found your website. Very interesting.
Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
December 7, 2000
I just want to thank you for such a wonderfully heart felt project. And for giving us a place to find comfort from our loss, again thank you and may God bless you...
Port Byron, New York, United States
December 6, 2000
Thank you so much for this wonderful website. I loved your book "hello from heaven". It has been a great blessing for me to know there are many many people who have had the same experiences that i have. And now i have a place to share and express my feelings....pax
Texas, United States
December 4, 2000
With in six months I lost the person I consider my mother and my only child, my son Cody. He was 15 1/2. He is my best friend being a single mom. We always talked of life after death and believed in it. We had a deal who ever went first to let the other one know it is true. Cody was trying to prepare me and his friends of his death. We didn't know of it till after his accindent/crash. He was hit by a car while riding his bikecycle.Everyone seen him but that one driver. After his funeral we were all talking. He told his confermation class what he wanted to be buried in on the last day of class. As his best friend left for the airport to go home, Cody told him remember I am an orgon donor and much more went on with others. I told him I didn't want to discuss his death that I would be first. He gave me a lecture on God being a mystery, how we have no controll over somethings. Don't question God's reasons.He is the only one that can see the whole plan. There are somethings we will never know or understand.Just have faith and trust and believe in him. I remember his words so well and recall them everyday. I kept thinking in my mind, my son was going to die. I would push it out of my mind. This went on for a year. Then on day not very far from his death date, I had to face it someoone was making me. I had to pull over on the side of the rode and face every mothers greates fear. The death of her child.I started to feel the pain of what life would be like with out him, his death. That summer Cody asked once due to a kidney infection if he was going to die. That summer he just about had a fatal accident with a riding lawn mower. This 5" 9' kid is huddle on my lap cryng and shaking from the experince of just about getting killed. I asked him if he was afriad of dieing. His asnswer was no mom. Just the pain of how I will die.He died about a month later. He also gave a sermon at our church about the 3 most inportant things in his life. Bapstim, confermation, death. He wanted me to put all those dates on his headstone. I did. I have had lots of ADC with him, so has alot of our family and friends. If you need anyone from this area for info please e-mail me. We did not attend church every sunday. I only took my son when he asked to go. He was very involved in his church. There is so much to tell. My son also wanted his ashes spread in Europe and a few other places. We lived over there for awhile. On his 16th birthday my husband of 8 years honored his request. Cody Siem 3/20/'82 to 8/7/'97. Killed on his way home to make my husband and I our annversary dinner. It will seem always like yesterday. It helps to still commucate with him now or I could not have survived this far. One of the first of many books I read was "Hello from Heaven' Cathy Siem-davis Grand Rapids, Mn USA
Grand Rapids, Minnesota, United States
December 4, 2000
Hi, I lost my beloved husband 4/7/94. He was killed as a result of a crime. Our daughter was born a month after his death. he never got to see her or hold her. she is his only child. but i believe that he visits with her often, and I have had many signs that he is with us. Thank-you for this wonderful site. I will be buying your book soon, I have read many books on life after death and communication. I will visit your site often.
Kathy Santiago
Port Byron, New York, United States
December 4, 2000
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