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I took awhile to find this site, but I have been very impressed with the sincerity of those who have already (quickly) left messages for me. It's great to find that their are MANY who share my belief in life in the other plane(s). I have always been fascinated with NDE's, but have never had one. I have, however, had many, many ADC's (new term for me), and am now able to share my experiences and those of the participants on this site with my 19 year old daughter, Jacquie, who I believe is extremely gifted with ADC's. If any of you would like to encourage her directly (guidance, direction, experiences with ADC's), her email is: Thank you, and may the force be among you always, Lisa
Richmond, Virginia, United States
June 15, 2000
I have read this book and many like it. I believe in life after death, I am a widow and found this book came out at the right time in my journey.
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
June 12, 2000
I am so pleased to have found this site. It has offered me a supportive place, where I was made to feel welcome. I was also able to tell my story of my ADC by my father at the moment of his death. Thank You!!
Warren, Michigan, United States
June 11, 2000
Your book was the first book I read after my Mom went to the other side. It brought me great comfort and the realization that my most treasured gift was continuing her work and was never far from me. Thank you.
Orleans, Ontario, Canada
June 11, 2000
hello to all hope everyone is having a good day
Lexington, North Carolina, United States
June 10, 2000
this is nice, in morning iwanted tocontact my father whom ilost in may99 he was god &truefriend for me THISSITE IS LIKE A GIFT FOR ME FROM HIM THANKS &WARM REGARDS
Delhi, Delhi, India
June 10, 2000
I am so pleased i had the opertunity to see your web site, .As i to have lost my youngest son Lee Adams he was 22years old he past on 1 11 1999.Your pages help me to cope
Harlow Essex, England, United Kingdom
June 9, 2000
I think the guest book is a great idea. It gets people that has lost a love one involved and it also gives us all a opportunity to tell others how we felt about them and how special they were to us.Keep up the good work.
Palestine, Texas, United States
June 7, 2000
Although I have not read your book yet, and I just discovered your site. I plan to visit it quite frequently from here on in. Thank you for creating a place where people that have experienced a great deal of pain can try to find some comfort in knowing they are not alone.
Sherman Oaks, California, United States
June 7, 2000
dear bill and judy, i cannot beleive i found this site! ive beenbrowsing all morning, in the back of my mind i had aqlready decided that i was going to fax you both a letter Im reading your book hello from heaven that i got from the library, and said i have too right to these people and let them no how much im enjoying your book. of course im only 3/4 threw but i myself has had a outerbody expereince that i would love too tell you about if your enterested? would love to talk to both of you.get back too me soon thanks and god bless you both
East Patchogue, New York, United States
June 6, 2000
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