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Goddess i did not know my dad's mother very well, that substantial full blooded italian woman whose maiden name was Cavaliere yet she consumed my afternoon at the lake her death consumed me and i wondered, if the sunlight on the water of Greenlake was her spirit, the glare, the warmth, tthe light-- was it her? kara lynn chipoletti
Seattle, Washington, United States
January 29, 1998
my dad died suddenly last july.i miss you very much.thanks for this great site.
Maryville, Tennessee, United States
January 29, 1998
I had communication from my Dad after his death and I have found such comfort from you book, it is so comforting to know that the experience I had was real, even though my husband experienced it with, me there are always those times when you wonder if your imagination is running wild. I am now sure in my heart and my mind that my Dad said goodbye to me in his own way. Thank you, Sue Smith
Litchfield, New Hampshire, United States
January 28, 1998
Hi, My Dad passed away November 15, 1996 of cancer. I miss him so much, he was my best friend and I believe that we have been together in many incarnations. I think he has visited me a few times, in my dreams. I was taken to a tunnel that he called the "visiting tunnel" It was not dark but it was not bright either, I would say that the light was just right. We went into a room and he talked to me for a long time (or it seemed like a long time) he said,"I cannot always come to you in a body form, it takes to much energy, When you see a light go by or you think you see movement that will be me. I will never leave you. I have work to do here, but I will always be in tune with you. he also told me that he was lonely some times and he missed us . That broke my heart. Sometimes I wish that I could die for just two days and come back. That way I could spend some more time with him. I want to thankyou for being on the internet. Knowing that other people believe in the after life helps me get through this saddness and emptiness that I am feeling. Thankyou from Canada, Zoe
Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
January 27, 1998
I really enjoyed the book. It is by far the best and most inspirational book I have ever read. Death has not been something that I feared myself because I believe I will go to heaven. What I did fear however was losing family and friends and then having to go through the rest of my life without them. Now, after reading your book, I have no fear whatsoever about going through life alone - because I never will be. I thank you for this book. Its exactly what I needed.
oklahoma city, Oklahoma, United States
January 27, 1998
I lost my 19 year old daughter April 5, 1996. She was killed instantly in a car accident. I miss her more than I can express. I would like to know how she is. I wished I could have called in that night and talked with you. I like knowing that our worlds are so connected. I would like to connect with her. How can I contact you.
Marietta, Georgia, United States
January 27, 1998
Hello, Thank-You for Being on the internet. I'm not to knowledgeable working on the computer,(yet). I lost my Dad April 18th of last year,I miss him so,There's 6 of us kids,he was 67,his heath was pretty good,long story.I'd like to some how be channeled to him. I belive in Angels,and GOD. Any reply would be appreciated. Thank-You. Pattie Deinas
Pattie Deinas
Marysville, Washington, United States
January 26, 1998
My 18 yr. old son, Andy, died 6 mo. ago in a car accident. This site has brought such comfort to me as has the book Hello From Heaven. It's nice to know the many ADCs we've had from Andy are not a product of our insanity but are everyday occurences we bereaved have in common. I've found that the more we open ourselves to signs, the more we receive, or at least the more we're able to perceive.
Forsyth, Illinois, United States
January 26, 1998
Our 17yr. old son and 15 yr. old daughter died on 11/17/96 in a horrific house fire. We miss them dearly and are learning how to live with the pain. I read "Hello From Heaven", "Our Children are Forever" and "We are not forgotten", I find much comfort from your books. Hopefully we will be succesful in obtaining an appointment with physic George Anderson. I have had some ADC, however it usually is in the form of dreams and usually only involves just one of my children at a time, rarely both are together. I pray to them and for them and continue a relationship with my son and dauther.
Glenolden, Pennsylvania, United States
January 22, 1998
I lost my beloved Jennifer two years ago on January 11, 1996. She was 11 years, 11 months old, born on February 11, 1984 and left on January 11, 1996. She lived more in her 12 years than I have in my whole life, she touched so very many people and actally gave unconditional love to all. I have read Hello from Heaven as well as many, many spiritual books. Jennifer was quite a writer and wrote several stories about crossing over into another beautiful world. Three months before she died she wrote a story about being in the light and reviewing life and being allowed to remain in heaven. I know in my heart she is in heaven, I just would like her standing here telling me. I hope everyday for that. She has sent so many small signs, but you wonder if you are "reaching" for them. I hope to learn more through this web page I just discovered. Thanks to all the hard work of the creators.
herwood Park, Alberta, Canada
January 18, 1998
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